11.21 . PRODIGY DAY CREAM : an unique answer to the 5 mechanisms of aging
Offering you real comprehensive anti-aging power, Helena Rubinstein laboratories have developed Prodigy day cream.  A combination of prodigious active ingredients that simultaneously combat the 5 signs of aging for exceptional results: skin smoothing, tone, radiance, evenness and hydration.


An encapsulated life concentrate: plant sap


A veritable life concentrate, plant sap combines active ingredients known for their anti-aging properties. Ceramide 5 and cholesterol restore the skin’s lipid balance. Royal jelly, provitamin B5 and gatuline boost cell renewal. Rice peptides, Soya proteins and vitamin Cg strengthen the skin’s barrier function.  Ginger, caffeine and ruscus promote microcirculation and invigorate skin. White grape extract and vitamin E regulate melanogenesis and alleviate dark spots. This unique combination simultaneously combats the 5 mechanisms of skin aging: a decrease in lipid synthesis, slowing of cell renewal, collagen breakdown, malfunction in melanogenesis and slowing of skin microcirculation. Day after day, your skin awakens, as if bursting with energy. Your skin is firmer, denser and more toned. Skin texture is evened. Wrinkles are as if resorbed from within. You look visibly younger.
For intensive skincare, Prodigy day cream is also available in a dry skin formula with a rich, creamy and prodigiously silky texture.  It melts voluptuously into skin, for a total comfort feel and immediate long-lasting effectiveness.



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