11.23 . Helena Rubinstein, the avant-garde of mascara
 Creator of modern beauty, Helena Rubinstein has always ensured that the brand is at the cutting-edge of innovation. Gifted for heightening women’s beauty, Helena Rubinstein very much understood the importance of eyes in the game of seduction and always sought to enhance them. A pioneer in  mascara, she offered the most demanding of women technological innovations in terms of mascara formulas and brushes, packaged in tubes resembling her own image: luxurious, daring and timeless. Here’s a look back at an extraordinary saga through 4 key dates.
1939: First waterproof mascara
Helena Rubinstein invented the first ever waterproof mascara. The launch had to be as spectacular as this unprecedented technological breakthrough. She therefore chose the water ballet Aquacade Show for the launch, which took place during the New York World’s Fair.
2007: Lash Queen Feline Blacks
Intense volume and daring length, Lash Queen Feline Blacks offers a new dimension to lashes. Its formula enriched with ultra-thickening waxes voluptuously coat lashes. Its generous lash-separating brush gives uninhibited lash length. The printing process used to apply the leopard skin effect to the tube makes each one totally unique.
2010: Lash Queen Sexy Blacks
Inspired by the ultra-feminine world of lingerie, Lash Queen Sexy Blacks gives lashes push-up curves and devastating volume. Its ultra-sculpting formula coats lashes for a sensual corset effect. Its “90-60-90” tapered brush helps to coat all lashes and lengthen them to the extreme.  A black lace corset envelops the golden metallic tube for a velvet touch finish.
2011: Lash Queen Feline Blacks
Helena Rubinstein’s latest beauty innovation, Lash Queen Fatal Blacks transforms lashes for prodigiously intense eyes and captivating volume. Its ultra-grip formula instantly embraces and lifts lashes, along with its “python” brush inspired by the lash lifting techniques used in beauty institutes, coating each lash from root to tip. Its luxurious tube, covered in precious metallic scales, makes it a genuine jewel.
Thanks to an unstoppable spirit of innovation, Helena Rubinstein offers the most demanding of women magnificent mascaras for never-before-seen effects. Combining scientific prowess and luxury, each Helena Rubinstein mascara embodies the brand’s refinement and demanding nature.
2013 : Surrealist Everfresh, the mascara that does not dry out.
Learn more about this mascara revolution with the Surrealist Webserie 
Discover the story of Helena and the surrealists


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