03.22 . Celebrating 110 years of the brand: behind the scenes…
FILM: “making-of” the 110th anniversary image
To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand, Helena Rubinstein called upon one of the most talented photographic artists of his time to produce an exceptional image for the brand. 
Unique artist Dan Tobin Smith creates spectacular still life compositions for leading brands. When assembled and photographed from a certain angle, they form an image. Tobin Smith was the creative power behind the cover of Jay Z’s album The Blueprint 3 in 2009 which earned him international recognition, as well as the “Absolut Purity” campaign for Absolut Vodka in 2010.
At his London studio, Dan Tobin Smith has created an impressive piece for Helena Rubinstein. Skilfully handling anamorphosis to perfection - those images based on a perspective that can only be seen from a very specific viewpoint - Tobin Smith reveals here his magnificent creation. For 48 hours, his team assembled 2,000 pots of PRODIGY and 1,000 tubes of LASH QUEEN to achieve this symbol of 110 years of expertise, daring and creativity that is the HR brand.  



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Behind the scene
03.22  An image for the brand’s 110th anniversary

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