04.04 . Your Weekend vanity kit: the essentials
When you go away for the weekend, you cannot take all your beauty products with you. To travel light but still look great, don’t leave without our selection of essentials:
Essential N°1: a serum
Why? Because just one drop is all you need to boost facial beauty.
When? Apply morning and evening to perfectly clean skin, alone or under your usual skincare cream.
Which one? Prodigy Powercell Serum, a delightful, truly addictive skincare product, halfway between evanescent serum and soft, creamy texture.
Essential N°2: a concealer
Why? Because it lessens imperfections, reduces puffiness and reveals radiant eyes in one single product.
When? Apply by patting on, without using too much concealer, to skin that has been cleaned and perfectly moisturised.
Which one? Magic Concealer with its infinitely light texture that offers perfect coverage while respecting the very fragile eye contour area.
Essential N°3: a lip care product
Why? Because it provides instant, sensual volume to lips by naturally plumping them up.
When? Apply a very thick layer in the evening before going to bed, or apply before makeup in a very thick layer and then remove any excess.
Which one? Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom  with its ultra-nourishing balm texture which instantly enhances the lips.
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