09.24 . 3 minutes for… an autumn makeup look
Don’t let grey autumn get under your skin! Take 3 minutes to give yourself an ultra-trendy makeup look!

1 minute for a porcelain complexion
Out with thick, suffocating foundations. This season, let your skin breathe with light fluid foundations used sparingly to give a "bare skin" complexion.  Enhance the look with a radiant, rosy coloured blush to highlight cheekbones.
1 - On perfectly cleaned and prepared skin, apply foundation to the centre of the face outwards by spreading and smoothing the product as much as possible to help blend into skin.
2 - Apply concealer lightly with fingertips and smooth out over the entire under-eye area.
3 - Warm up the whole look with a radiant, rosy coloured blush for an “anti-grey sky” healthy glow finish.
HR’s Selection: Prodigy Eyes, Prodigy Cream, Prodigy Powercell Foundation or Prodigy Liquid Light for fuller coverage, Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency Concealer, Wanted Blush Glowing Rose
1 1/2 minutes for hypnotic eyes
Graphic eyeliner or an accentuated line of eye pencil; a sublime halo (for a total black look or combined with neutral shades such as bronzes or taupes) or a swatch of vibrant colours (deep blues, grey-greens, reddish-browns); oversized lashes and impeccably groomed brows… This autumn, your eyes say it boldly.
1 - With your index finger, apply a light coloured shadow to the inner corner of the eyelid and smooth outwards.
2 - With your middle finger, apply a dark coloured shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid by smoothing from the outer corner inwards.
3 - With your ring finger, smooth and shade the outer edge of dark shadow towards the inner eyelid and blend in under the brow bone.
4 - Apply a lightly smudged line of dark shadow under the eye and apply mascara to the upper lashes only.
HR’s Selection: Wanted Eyes Duo n° 57 for neutral eyes, Wanted Eyes Duo n° 58 for high colour eyes, Mascara Lash Queen Celebration or  Lash Queen Feline Blacks, Eyebrow Pencil
30 seconds for vibrant lips
This autumn, the major tendency is for vibrant lip colour: reds, vermilion or magenta, orange, plum… whether matt or satin, lips are daring unrestrained colour this season.
1 - Apply a moisturising balm to give supple, plump lips, then absorb any excess with a tissue.
2 - Pout your lips and gently rub the lipstick onto the centre of your lips. Then use your fingertip to spread out the colour and blend into your lips naturally, without marking out the lip contour.
HR’s Selection: Zoom Wanted n° 007 or n° 101 (with neutral eyes), Wanted Rouge n° 372 or n° 302 (with high colour eyes).

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