10.25 . Skincare suited to your skin type
Because your skin is unique, it has specific needs. To provide your skin with truly suitable skincare, it’s vital to get to know it better. Here is a simple and practical test that will help you to better understand your skin type and take better care of it.


1 - Your main concerns are
a)       wrinkles and fine lines
b)       red blotches and taut-feeling skin
c)       slightly shiny skin on the T-zone
d)       dilated pores and blackheads
2 – After washing your skin with water
a)       it feels dry and taut
b)       your cheeks burn and sting
c)    it doesn’t feel uncomfortable but you nevertheless feel the need to apply a light moisturiser
d)       it remains shiny in the T-zone area
3 – When you apply makeup
a)       your eye shadow seems to slip, your foundation cracks and powder gives your skin a flaky appearance
b)       your skin feels taut and reddens
c)       you need a few retouches during the day
d)       you have to apply powder to matify your skin
4 – During the day, your skin
a)       is dry and tends to peel in places
b)       is overburdened and feels uncomfortable
c)       is a little greasy on the forehead, nose and chin
d)       is shiny all over
5 – In general, your skin is likely to have
a)       few signs of sensitivity, rarely any spots
b)       red blotches if overburdened and/or if you drink wine or eat spicy foods
c)       spots once in a while
d)       spots almost all the time


1 – You answered mainly “a”? You have dry skin
Your skin feels taut in the winter and always lacks moisture, even in summer. Easily stressed, your skin is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. You need to address this lack of lipids and water to take good care of your skin.
  • Your allies: rich cleansing milks or cleansing oils, PH neutral moisturising cleansers, nourishing and moisturising skincare creams
  • Your enemies: hard water, cosmetic products containing alcohol
  • Our selection: Prodigy Range, Life Ritual Rich Firming Lotion, All Mascaras,
2 – You answered mainly “b”? You have sensitive skin
Highly reactive, your skin reddens at the slightest hint of heat or cold. It is very fragile and often suffers from allergies. To avoid overstressing your skin, you should always test any new product, skincare cream or makeup product on a small area of your face before using it.
  • Your allies: PH neutral cleansers, gentle restorative skincare creams, hypoallergenic products
  • Your enemies: harsh, alcohol-based products
  • Our selection: Life Ritual Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Life Ritual Soft Cleansing Milk, Skin Life SOS Hydra Repair, Prodigy Night 
3 – You answered mainly “c”? You have combination skin
Oily in the T-zone area (forehead, nose and chin) and dry on the cheeks, your skin has a fairly normal appearance and is generally quite easy to manage and maintain.
  • Your allies: moisturising day and night creams
  • Your enemies: makeup products that give too high or too matifying coverage
  • Our selection: Hydra Collagenist Range, Fresh Cleansing Milk
4 – You answered mainly “d”? You have oily skin
Dull complexion, blackheads, dilated pores, shiny skin all over, your skin is not particularly smooth and seems thicker than the average. You have trouble keeping it matt and healthy all day long.
  • Your allies: gentle cleansers, purifying toners, skincare creams that work on skin texture, non-comedogenic and matifying makeup products.
  • Your enemies: too harsh hygiene products, oily-textured products.
  • Our selection: Life Ritual Light Firming Lotion, Prodigy Powercell Serum, Re-Plasty HD Peel Mask
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