10.25 . Bronzed skin makeup: amplify your tan
As days pass, the sun disappears but your tan remains.
 Discover the recommendations of our makeup artist to amplify your golden glow and hold on to your summer colours.
1. Prepare your skin
First start with gentle exfoliation to reveal your tan and intense hydration to restore your skin: Hydra Collagenist or Prodigy, depending on your age. The golden rule to remember for beautiful skin is to always moisturise well, to give skin its natural "bounce".
2. Work on complexion
The main idea is to hold on to that holiday “healthy glow” while enhancing your features. There is no point in covering up: your tan evens the skin, so foundation is no longer an obligation. If you can’t do without, choose a light formula such as Prodigy Powercell Foundation or Color Clone Hydra 24H.
Brighten the eyes with touches of Prodigy Liquid Light Eye Opener then finish off by applying Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency - the treatment concealer to dark circles and minor imperfections. Be careful not to overload the eye contour, a few touches of brightener and concealer are enough to light up eyes.
3. Apply makeup
Highlight your tan with lightly satin finish or pearly transparent makeup products, in matching tones or warm hues such as ochres, sandy beiges or coppers.
For eyes, play with sparkling gem-like shades such as turquoises, emeralds, duck blues, etc. This is the time of the year when you can dare to wear vivid colours!
However, do watch out with lamé that can accentuate eyelid folds.
For a more discrete look, go for attractive ‘doe’ eyes with champagne-coloured shadow to brighten eyelids. A line of eyeliner can also do a lot for a tan.
And of course, go heavy with the mascara. You can also discretely emphasise your eyebrows.
For lips, avoid opaque and very bright colours. But do play with sharp tangy transparents (lip gloss) in orange, tangerine, coral, raspberry and copper tints.
For cheeks, favour peach blushes, or apricot and copper shades in satin and transparent finishes.
4. Final tip…
When no longer out in the sun, you can use self-tanning products that enhance your tan and help to prolong your healthy glow even without the sun! 
For flawless application, remember to spread out the product evenly, paying attention to skin folds at joints (elbows and knees) to avoid clumps.
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