10.25 . Flawless complexion. Get to your brushes
Did you know that flawless makeup results also depend on using the right tools? Follow our mini guide to find the perfect makeup accessory!


Brush size
The smaller the brush, the better it will reach targeted areas. On the contrary, very large brushes allow for more general, widely spread and airy application.
Bristle type
Natural or synthetic? Without hesitation: both! But for different uses. Prefer natural bristles - softer and more supple - for powders. Go for synthetic bristles - thick and rigid - for thicker consistencies such as creams.
Brush shape
Rectangular or tapered brushes are used for precise makeup application. Flat brushes help to spread the product evenly. Rounded brushes are used to apply product lightly for shading and smudging. And fanned brushes are used to sweep off any excess.
In practice
To correct imperfections and minimise dark circles, use a very small, flat and tapered synthetic bristle brush. For liquid or cream foundation, choose a large, flat synthetic bristle brush. For loose powder, opt for a very large, rounded natural bristle brush. The same goes for blush, unless you want to sculpt cheekbones in which case you should use a tapered (but still large and natural bristle) brush.
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