10.25 . Helena Rubinstein in Italy: celebrating 110 years of the POWER BEAUTY brand
For the 110 year anniversary of Helena Rubinstein, prestigious events have been organised throughout the world. Italy, second market in the world after Japan, and first market in Europe, is a real priority for the brand.

Helena Rubinstein invented modern beauty by keeping closely abreast of the scientific and technological advances of her time. To pay homage to her innovative spirit, as well as her love of art, Italy organised an exceptional event. Celebrations took place at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

Entirely adorned with Helena Rubinstein visuals, recalling key moments of the brand’s past and current times, this exceptional location hosted two hundred guests over two evenings, among whom were influential journalists and VIPs from distribution in Italy.


Following the cocktail, Elisabeth Sandager, International Director for Helena Rubinstein, spoke of the close collaboration between aesthetics clinic Laclinic-Montreux and Helena Rubinstein, in the presence of the clinic’s founder Dr.Pfulg.

The highpoint of the event was the presence of the newly-recruited 100 beauty experts who will support and advise Helena Rubinstein clients at points of sale in Italy. They arrived on stage to join Marco Lazzaroni Andina, Managing Director of Helena Rubinstein Italy.


The evening was finished off with a gala dinner at the Salon des Colonnes, highly enjoyed by the guests. During the dinner, famous musician Saule played solo violin, adding an elegant atmosphere to the evening’s proceedings.

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