10.25 . Helena Rubinstein reinvents Prodigy in 2012
Following the discovery of Bio-Sève Encapsulée™ “encapsulated bio-sap” and 10 years of research, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories are reinventing the mythical PRODIGY skincare range, innovating with Bio-Sève Moléculaire™, “molecular bio-sap” a veritable plant concentrate. 

New PRODIGY, a masterpiece of science for intense skin rejuvenation.


Bio-Sève Moléculaire™: new life concentrate

Placing the most advanced molecular biology studies at the service of beauty, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have succeeded in deciphering the finest of skin cell mechanisms to develop innovative solutions which transfuse original youth to the skin's very core. A veritable elixir of life, Bio-Sève Moléculaire™ combines 5 carefully selected active plant ingredients: active fractions of Japanese Lily, extracts of Baikal Skullcap root, rice peptides and active fractions of Maitake.
A boost of youth to the deep dermis
Upon the strength of this discovery, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have developed a new plant synergy within a silky and delicately-scented texture which melts voluptuously into the skin to target each of the 5 fundamental skin layers, right to the deep dermis for:
  1. Intense hydration
  2. Intense radiance
  3. Intense anti-wrinkles
  4. Intense firming
  5. Intense re-densification



For prodigious skin youth results even for dry skin types, Prodigy is also available in an extremely hydrating and repairing texture suited to dry skin. See images of new Prodigy on the dedicated mini-website:

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