10.25 . Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency Patch: a technological feat for visibly younger looking eyes
Since 2009, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have been innovating in the field of plant biotechnology, developing original formulas based on plant stem cells. In 2011, with Prodigy Powercell, Helena Rubinstein signed off a veritable technological feat, capturing the full power of sea fennel stem cells in a range of youth grafting skincare products. In 2012, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have gone one further with Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency, the first ‘second skin’ SOS eye mask to combat the visible signs of aging on the highly specific eye contour area.


Because eyes betray your age
Eyes are decisive in the combat against aging. In addition to being the finest and driest area of the face, the eye contour is also the most under demand with 22 muscles in movement and almost 10,000 blinks a day. Lacking collagen and elastin, and with almost no hydrolipidic film, the eye contour is very quickly marked by fatigue and the signs of aging.


Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency: youth grafter for the eye contour area
An unprecedented concentrate that gives effective results visibly equivalent to 15 days' use of Prodigy Powercell Eye Care*, in just one application. The results of  Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency are spectacular**:
  • Eye contour congestion relieved for 77% of women
  • Smoother skin for 73% of women
  • Lifted skin for 77% of women
  • More rested skin for 80% of women
  • A more even eye contour for 77% of women
  • Reduced signs of fatigue for 70% of women
  • Refreshed skin for 77% of women
  • Reduced puffiness for 73% of women
  • A more toned eye contour for 63% of women
  • Restored skin for 70% of women
  • Soothed skin for 84% of women
  • Brighter skin for 76% of women


Ultra-simple application
Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency is a practical and easy-to-use eye mask. It fuses perfectly with skin for the formula to deeply and evenly absorb. Inspired by the Shinagara Cosme trend, also called Nigara Biyou, or the art of being beautiful without wasting time, Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency’s second-skin effect offers optimum comfort of use and lets you nurture your beauty while avoiding the constraints of lack of time.
Thanks to its method of application, Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency allows you to reconcile your daily routine and your desire for beauty.
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