10.25 . Smile, autumn’s here
The holidays are over. Even for those who did not travel, autumn marks a turning point. The atmosphere changes, the buzz is back. And for some, the nostalgia of lazy summer days sets in.


Here are 4 good reasons to keep your spirits up at the start of September and prolong that holiday feel.
-You can proudly display your healthy glow. This is the time to highlight your tan, try out a new makeup look, revamp your wardrobe or even go for a new hairstyle. Whether you were away this summer or not, a change of look always does you good.
-You get back to your good resolutions and fill up on fruits and vegetables. Autumn is also a nutrient-rich season for beautiful skin: grapes to detox, apples to firm up skin, nuts rich in essential oils, citrus fruit for cell renewal, carrots for stimulating melanin production...


-Make the pleasure of summer last by restoring your skin. Continue indulging yourself with exfoliation, masks and treatments. The end of the holidays is also time for skin to get back on track, the ideal moment to deeply hydrate after the effects of sun and heat.


The summer spirit is fading but the sun is still here. To prolong your tan and that summer mood, make the most of the last few rays. Take every opportunity to eat lunch on a terrace, cycle to work or get off the train one stop early. And if none of that is possible, don’t hesitate to cheat a little: a light self-tanning product will give your face a very natural glow.
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