10.25 . Sublime lips to face autumn with a smile
Autumn is coming and you’re feeling a little low? The idea of having to say goodbye to the sun is getting you down? Don’t be down in the dumps: a touch of glamour and autumn will seem brighter! Here are our tips to get sublime-looking lips and face autumn with a smile



Luscious lips…
Start by building up volume with Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom. Apply a generous layer on and around the lips and leave to rest. Then, use your thumbs and index fingers to firmly pinch skin on the upper and lower lip contour, perpendicularly to wrinkles. Massage in and wipe off any excess with a tissue just before applying makeup.
…perfectly drawn
Using our Lip Pencil, mark out the lip contour for a flawless finish. Start from the centre of the upper lip and the centre of the lower lip. Then draw two lines out towards the corners. Blend in with your finger by patting and smoothing to even out the line and make it adhere well.
A light ‘nude’ look…
For an elegant and discreet nude, use Wanted Rouge lipstick in a flesh, beige or rosy pink shade, close to your lip colour. Apply the lipstick using a flat blush, smoothing on from the centre of the lips out to the corners, taking care not to go outside of the contour line. To finish off, emphasise lip volume by applying a touch of  Wanted Gloss transparent lip gloss.
…or vibrant colours
For brightly coloured lips, no absolute rules exist but there are a few general principles that you should follow. Start by never mixing warm and cool shades. Make sure you harmonise your lipstick colour with the rest of your makeup. Along this same concept of harmony, warm (mainly yellow-based) skin tones will prefer warm colours, while cool skin tones (pink-based) will go for cool shades.
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