10.25 . True or False? Dark circles are caused by lack of sleep
True and False!
It is true that we often associate dark circles under the eyes with lack of sleep. Fatigue, but also stress, and even excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco and coffee can affect the eye contour area making blood circulation difficult. But the appearance of dark circles is not always due to lifestyle. There are not one, but several types of dark circles that can be caused by various factors. To find the right solution for your dark circles, you must first identify what type they are.
Blue-coloured dark circles
These dark circles are caused by too fine a skin around the eyes, revealing slightly defective vascularisation. To minimise, you must stimulate blood circulation, hydrate skin and soothe it using a special eye contour skincare product in the morning and evening. Apply in small quantities, pat in lightly with fingertips so as not to overstress the fragile eye contour skin.
Brown-coloured dark circles
These dark circles are essentially hereditary and are due to hyperpigmentation of the skin. To combat them, apply a specific lightening product, and then minimise using concealer. Use a concealer that is half a shade lighter than your skin tone so as not to accentuate the dark circles. Apply sparingly with fingertips so as not to overload the skin with too much product.
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Dark circles with puffiness
These cause a bulge to form under the eye, with a slight hollow underneath. These dark circles are caused by poor lymphatic drainage. Water, loaded with fat, accumulates under the skin and forms these ‘eye bags’. To combat this type of dark circle, you must activate drainage and reduce the excess of fat.
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Dark circles with hollows
Contrary to the previously mentioned type, these dark circles form a hollow under the eye due to loss of subcutaneous fat. To remedy the issue, you must plump the skin and fill the hollow formed around the eye.
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A healthy lifestyle is obviously an essential for safeguarding the beauty and youth of your skin, but to combat dark circles you need to use specific products that offer a suitable solution to each type of dark circle. 



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