Do you dream of clean, smooth, radiant skin? For an eternally healthy glow, boost the effectiveness of your daily skincare products by incorporating these three basic rules into your beauty routine!
Toned skin
Boost your skin by using a few stimulating massage movements when applying skincare to activate micro-circulation.
Forehead: start by massaging in small circles at the hairline. Then trace horizontal lines with your fingers, from the middle of the forehead outwards, and then from bottom to top.
Cheeks: place your fingers vertically along the nose and stretch outwards, tracing horizontal lines.
Eyes: Pat the lower eyelid with fingertips, then massage very lightly going from the outer edge to the inner edge of the eye.
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Soft supple skin
Your skin’s number one enemy is hard water! To stop your skin drying out and to keep it soft and supple, preferably use cleansing milks rather than cleansers that need rinsing with water. And when you do need to use this type of cleanser, after massaging with oil for example, always go for very gentle formulas that neutralise the harmful effects of hard water. Always finish off by applying a toner to complete the cleansing routine and eliminate any hard water residue.
A radiant complexion
Young-looking skin is first and foremost one that is smooth, fine and even, one that diffuses light evenly. For a radiant complexion, remember to give your skin regular radiance-boosting treatments, using complementary skincare. Your aim is to enhance skin plasticity, tone skin, even the complexion and recreate skin brightness.
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