11.07 . Re-PLASTY PRO FILLER: HR partners with Laclinic-Montreux for a new and unprecedented chef-d'oeuvre
In keeping with their quest for beauty and faithful to their passion for science, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories are once again offering the world a technological masterpiece. From their unique partnership with prestigious clinic Laclinic-Montreux comes Re-Plasty, offering results at the very limit of aesthetic medicine.  Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have gone one step further with Re-Plasty Pro Filler, a skincare product inspired by the Hyaluronic Acid injections performed at Laclinic-Montreux for instantly visible clinical results.  Right from first application, wrinkles are smoothed, skin is hydrated and regains its elasticity. Day after day, deep wrinkles are reduced and skin is plumped for optimal skin plasticity.



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