11.09 . Everything you need to know about serum
Serum is essential to skin beauty. Its targeted action and active ingredient vectors boost your beauty routine by greatly increasing the effectiveness of your day or night cream.
Serum or cream, what’s the difference?
Serum is very fluid and ultra-concentrated in active ingredients; it works deep within the skin for deeper, highly targeted action. While cream has a barrier effect to envelop and protect skin, serum works to nourish from within.
How do you apply serum?
Serum is rapidly absorbed by the skin and does not leave a protective film, so should not be used alone. Its role is to complement the action of your moisturising cream. Always apply serum 1 -2 minutes before applying your cream, ideally in the evening because skin regenerates during the night. A few drops are all that are needed - serum has a very fluid texture. We recommend using a serum and cream from the same range in order to benefit from their complementary active ingredients.
Which should you choose?
To choose your serum, decide which skin issue you wish to target. This issue is often related to your age.
·         Aged 30: skin begins to show first wrinkles, whether caused by skin dehydration or expression lines.
HR’s Selection: Collagenist Re-Plump for its anti-wrinkle action and Prodigy Powercell Serum for skin radiance
·        Aged 40: you start to feel a loss in skin elasticity and luminosity; the first dark spots appear.
HR’s Selection: Prodigy Tissular
·         Aged 50: you need a skincare product that fills deep wrinkles, resculpts the facial contours, redensifies skin and eliminates pigment spots.
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