11.16 . 3 minutes to prepare your skin for bedtime
Your skin regenerates during the night. To help it recover from the attacks suffered during the day (sun, wind, cold, pollution, etc.) use a special beauty routine. There’s nothing simpler! Here are our tips for preparing your skin in just 3 minutes for a good night’s sleep…
1 minute for serum…
After completely removing from your skin all traces of makeup and impurities accumulated during the day, apply a dose of serum to your entire face. Place your fingers vertically along your nose and apply the serum outwards, tracing horizontal lines. With the palms of your hands, smooth upwards from your chin to your temples to ensure absorption.
... 1 minute for skin cream
Wait a few moments after applying the serum. Then apply a few drops of skin cream over your entire face and neck. Place your hand at the base of your neck and move upwards to your forehead. Smooth using with the entire surface of your hand to ensure absorption.
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... 1 minute for eye and lip contours!
Apply your eye contour cream to the entire eye area and help absorb by lightly patting with fingertips. Then using your index finger and thumb, lightly pinch the eye contour area, perpendicularly to wrinkles. For lips, use your thumbs and index fingers to firmly pinch skin on the upper and lower lip contour, perpendicularly to wrinkles.
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