11.21 . True or False? You can use the same skincare product in both summer and winter
Your skin’s metabolism varies throughout the year: remember to adapt your skincare products to meet the needs of your skin each season.
Skin is dryer in winter
Skin is “attacked” by changes in temperature between indoors and outdoors, wind, pollution and stress… Your skin also secretes much less sebum because sebum freezes below 8°C.   Skin has a tendency to dry out, becoming rough and taut, making your complexion dull.
Hydrating cream doesn’t always suffice
To preserve your skin from external attacks and help it to make up for this lack in lipids, opt for “barrier” creams that have fairly rich, enveloping textures. Also remember to apply a regenerative skincare product every evening to help your skin repair during the night. Also don’t forget to gently exfoliate once a week to rid the skin of dead skin cells and brighten your complexion.
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