12.19 . webserie surrealist : Stéphanie

SURREALIST EVERFRESH: the first mascara that never dries out! Thanks to an unprecedented formula and an unique brush, it offers a breathtaking make-up result, from the first day of use until the last drop.

The lifetime of their mascara… a frustration shared by every women. The more they use it, the more the texture gets dry and the more the formula  loses of its quality.

Nowadays, you don’t need to find alternatives in order to extend your mascara’s life anymore!

The make-up result remains the same from the first day of use until the last drop.

A breathtaking make-up result thanks to a generous formula and an unprecedented brush for curved, lengthened and perfectly coated lashes at the same time.

Stephanie Peirello-Hervé, Helena Rubinstein International Make-up Artist, tells us about Surrealist Everfresh revolution and shows us how to apply the mascara in order to get surrealistic lashes.



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