01.09 . An expert’s look at the eye contour area : preserve the youth of the eyes contour
Ophthalmologist Dr Armelle Blaisot offers her specialist experience in the changes that can occur in the eye contour area over time.
- In your experience, what are the main manifestations of aging around the eye contour?
The very mobile eye contour area interprets all our emotions: laughter, sadness, stress and fatigue… Many cutaneous signs can therefore be observed over the years. We see horizontal wrinkles appear on the forehead and vertical wrinkles or horizontal folds along the upper part of the nose, caused by squinting in bright light. “Crow’s feet” wrinkles are more due to facial expressions.
On upper eyelids, we either see an excess of fat that causes a bulge or a loss of fat making the eye contour look hollow. We also see a gradual drop in the line of the eyebrow and puffiness developing under the lower eyelid, rich in fatty cells. As for dark circles, they can appear in the hollow contour, either pigmented or purplish in colour.
- Does the eye contour aging process go hand in hand with aging of the eye itself?
The two are not at all related; skin and eyes are two totally different entities dissociated from each other. They do not even have the same embryological origin.
- What advice can you give about keeping the eye contour looking young for as long as possible?
Lifestyle is crucial. It has been proven that lifestyle and diet - stress, smoking, alcohol and too much salt in your diet - have a major impact on skin, especially on lower eyelids Also, intensive work in front of a computer screen, air conditioning and being outdoors in the sun all dry out both the eye and skin. Some medication can also add to this dryness, especially anti-depressants. My advice is therefore obvious: sleep well, avoid salt, avoid smoking and drinking and moisturise skin sufficiently, treating it with skincare products suited to the eye contour area.
International Director of Helena Rubinstein Laboratories, Véronique Guillou, reveals some of the key formulas for delicate treatment of the various issues concerning the eye contour area:
How do you revive the eye contour, to give a radiance boost and "wake-up call"?
To reduce puffiness in the eye contour area, opt for refreshing textures such as gel emulsions. For a radiance boost, antioxidants are paramount as they maintain metabolic momentum. RE-PLASTY MESOLIFT EYES contains derivatives of Vitamins E and C as well as ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant used in dermatology, all combined with hyaluronic acid. It sublimely revitalises skin in the wink of an eye...
- How can you prevent and treat the first signs of aging?
As wrinkles have not fully developed yet, we can work on the skin surface and give a slight tensor effect with a light, fairly aqueous texture. PRODIGY EYE ZONE SERUM offers this result thanks to Argan kernel extract, perfectly melting into skin whilst toning the eye contour.
- How can you plump up and densify skin tissue?
With age, eye contour skin withers, becoming fine and more marked. Opt for emulsion textures that are structured and nourishing, containing waxes that will tone and plump up skin. COLLAGENIST EYE ZOOM has this waxy texture and is enriched with collagen spheres that are dispersed within the very top layers of skin.
- What about intensive treatment of the signs of aging?
At a later stage of the aging process, we see a real loss of tone in skin tissue, due among other things, to a loss of connections between fibroblasts and their extra-cellular matrix. To reconnect fibroblasts, we now know how to revive the activity of their connection points called integrins. An innovative feat offered by the stem cells of Sequoia (redwood) and vine flowers contained within PRODIGY EXTREME EYE & Lip. This time we have chosen a high comfort wax texture that tones, enhances features and opens up the eye.
- How can you lift eyelids and reduce puffiness?
Here we combine the toning effect of a waxy texture with the tensor effect of a polymer-tensor able to attach to skin and tone. A perfect match offered by COLLAGENIST EYE LIFT. For even deeper action, an anti-elastase peptide revives collagen fibre synthesis and preserves the quality of elastic fibres.
- And for global anti-aging?
For comprehensive action, there's just one product: PRODIGY EYES. Formulated with our new molecular bio-sap Bio-Sève Moléculaire™, Prodigy Eyes helps to “pause” cellular senescence and protect collagens against glycation, thus restoring skin firmness and elasticity. It also regulates the mechanisms key to the fight against aging in every fundamental layer of skin.
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