01.11 . An expert’s look at the eye contour area : A SOLUTION ADAPTED TO EACH ISSUE
International Director of Helena Rubinstein Laboratories, Véronique Guillou, reveals some of the key formulas for delicate treatment of the various issues concerning the eye contour area:
 regard d'expert sur le contour de l'oeil : à chaque problématique sa solution
How do you revive the eye contour, to give a radiance boost and "wake-up call"?
To reduce puffiness in the eye contour area, opt for refreshing textures such as gel emulsions. For a radiance boost, antioxidants are paramount as they maintain metabolic momentum. RE-PLASTY MESOLIFT EYES contains derivatives of Vitamins E and C as well as ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant used in dermatology, all combined with hyaluronic acid. It sublimely revitalises skin in the wink of an eye...
- How can you prevent and treat the first signs of aging?
As wrinkles have not fully developed yet, we can work on the skin surface and give a slight tensor effect with a light, fairly aqueous texture. PRODIGY EYE ZONE SERUM offers this result thanks to Argan kernel extract, perfectly melting into skin whilst toning the eye contour.
- How can you plump up and densify skin tissue?
With age, eye contour skin withers, becoming fine and more marked. Opt for emulsion textures that are structured and nourishing, containing waxes that will tone and plump up skin. COLLAGENIST EYE ZOOM has this waxy texture and is enriched with collagen spheres that are dispersed within the very top layers of skin.
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