01.21 . Helena Rubinstein, the Surrealists and mascara
A passionate visionary, Helena Rubinstein devoted her life to pushing back the frontiers of cosmetics to show women the power of their beauty. The “Empress of Beauty” as dubbed by Jean Cocteau, had many Surrealists as friends, artists such as Salvador Dali, Tristan Tzara and Man Ray… Like them, Rubinstein had a taste for challenge. She pushed back the limits of possibility by instigating veritable revolutions in cosmetics. Having understood the important role of eyes in the art of seduction, she placed this facial area at the very heart of her work and began an incredible story of revolutionary mascaras.


1939: Waterproof revolution
Ever attentive to the most demanding needs of women, Rubinstein presented an absolute innovation to the world in 1939: the first ever waterproof mascara. An unprecedented technological feat, spectacularly presented during the New York World’s Fair, with the swimmers of the Acquade Show water ballet as her models.


1958: Automatic revolution
During the “30 glorious years”, at a time of social change, Helena Rubinstein supported the emancipation of those women who took life head on as mothers, wives and new workers. She invented the first ever automatic mascara in a tube, Mascara Matic. Later renamed Long Lash, this mascara still maintains its unique and slender design today.


2004: Aesthetic revolution
More than just a cosmetic product, Helena Rubinstein has invented a mascara-bijou with the Lash Queen saga. Lash Queen offers a tailored look for every woman as well as a sumptuously elegant jewel-like tube: a golden tube covered in precious metallic scales for Lash Queen Fatal Blacks; a golden-glinted metallic tube adorned with leopard skin print for Lash Queen Feline Blacks and a black lace corset delicately enveloping a golden metallic tube for Lash Queen Sexy Blacks. Every mascara is a feat of packaging innovation.


2013: Surrealist revolution
Forever avant-garde, Helena Rubinstein has gone further still by solving the primary frustration felt by women: mascara that dries out too quickly. After four years of research and development, comes Surrealist Everfresh, the first ever mascara that never dries out. Day after day, your makeup finish looks exceptional and remains so until the very last drop of mascara. Pumped-up volume, graphic length, lavish curves and perfect glide… for surrealist lashes.
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