01.25 . What happens in the skin at night?
Radiant skin and a preserved youthful appearance depend on a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, sleep. But, what happens in the skin at night that makes sleep one of the key secrets to beauty?
10 PM: detoxification
The skin repairs itself from daily aggressions and cell damage. This is a key moment in detoxifying the cells and improving cellular vitality.
2 AM: cell reproduction
Cellular activity reaches its reproductive peak. This is a key moment in protecting the telomeres* – the guardians of youth that protect DNA when cells divide, thus ensuring the quality and integrity of cell division.
5-6 AM: cell regeneration
The skin prepares to face the aggressions of the day ahead. This is a key moment in boosting cell regeneration and strengthening the skin's barrier function.
* Telomeres are tiny protective caps located at each end of a chromosome. Their purpose is to protect DNA integrity during cell division



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