01.28 . PRODIGY NIGHT : revive your skin’s youth potential


In 2002, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories took inspiration from the miracle of plant sap to invent Prodigy, a leading global anti-aging skin product. At the heart of the formula is Bio-Sève Encapsulée™, encapsulated Bio-Sap, perfect synergy of plant-based active ingredients that work on all signs of aging.
 PRODIGY NIGHT, le soin conçu pour susprendre les effets du temps
The era of molecular biology
Ten years of research and innovation later, Prodigy now enters the era of molecular biology. Bio-Sève Moléculaire™, a new life concentrate of molecular Bio-Sap works at the cell core*, targeting every skin layer to reactivate all signs of skin youth.
Prodigy power in a night cream
In 2013, our Research introduces Prodigy Night, the first ever night cream designed to suspend the effects of time and restore skin’s original youth. The most recent advances in cellular biology have brought to light the main elements in cell senescence (link to Lemaitre itw, question “what is senescence?”): telomeres (link to Lemaitre itw, to "telomeres” question”), veritable guardians of skin youth.
An innovative formula
To protect these “sentinels”, Prodigy Night contains Nocta-Sève Moléculaire™, molecular night sap: a new combination of plant "forces" that can protect telomeres and preserve cell DNA* to maintain cell vitality and support skin’s youth potential. Intensely regenerated, perfectly nourished and rested, skin looks young once again.
A luxurious texture
Lusciously creamy, the texture of  Prodigy Night is a prodigy for the senses. Bathed in ultimate comfort, your skin is left subtly scented. A fresh and light citrus scent refreshes the spirit, the middle tones of jasmine, lily of the valley and ylang-ylang soothe the senses, and the warmth of wood and musk underlying vanilla succeed in comforting the skin.
* in vitro test
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