02.06 . True/False: you should never wear eyeshadow that is the same colour as your eyes
Stéphanie Peirello-Hervé, our make-up artist, answers this question.


False! There is no hard and fast rule. When choosing the colour of your eyeshadow you need to take into account how the colours interact with each other.
Colour harmony
When the iris is surrounded by a similar colour, it does not stand out as much. Green eyes will look brown, blue eyes will look greyer, and brown eyes will appear dull. However, if you want to be subtle and ensure colour harmony, it can be interesting to choose an eyeshadow which is the same colour as your eyes.
Harmony through contrast
If you choose an eyeshadow that is a different colour than your eyes, it is best to choose a complementary colour. When used together, complementary colours enhance each other: red/green, yellow/blue, blue/orange. This harmony through contrast subtly enhances the iris, making it stand out.
Examples of complementary pairs
As pink is very similar to red, the pair Woody Rose & Pink Lace accentuates green eyes. The orange tones of the copper shade  Audacious Pink & Sexy Dark Night enhances blue eyes. And brown eyes, ranging from coppery, bronzed yellow to ebony or rusty brown will appear brighter when the midnight blue shade  Majestic Grey & Feather Blue as well as lavender, periwinkle blue or even dark purple shades are used.


Your complexion is just as important
Remember that you also need to think about your complexion when choosing your eyeshadow. For example, if you have an ivory complexion you should avoid green, khaki and turquoise shades as they will make your skin look dull andyellow. However, if you have fair skin and love these colours, you can still work with them as long as you warm up your complexion with bronzer and orange or apricot-coloured blusher. Or, even better, only wear them during the summer!
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