Blush is without doubt the finishing touch which ensures a perfect, radiant complexion. Follow our professional advice for a rejuvenating and glowing make-up result.


Which blush should I choose?
When it comes to choosing the shade of your blush, it all depends on how you want your make-up to look:
  • The "Sculpting" shades, with their combination of browns, are ideal if you want to sculpt and reshape the contours of your face. They allow you to give the illusion of hollow cheeks, to smooth certain areas (for example a double chin) and to make prominent facial features (such as the jawbone) appear smaller.
  • The "Glowing" shades, a mixture of pinks and oranges, are perfect if you want to ensure a radiant, refreshed complexion, as though you have been for a walk in the fresh air.
How do I apply blush?
There are two essential steps to ensure a perfect result:
  • Step 1: sculpt your features by applying one of the "Sculpting" shades to the hollow of your cheeks, and if you want on the temples and along the jawbone. Sweep the blushfrom your ear inwards.
  • Step 2:  Create a healthy glow by applying one of the "Glowing" shades on the areas where "it is naturally pretty to be rosy", in other words the cheekbones. Smile slightly and sweep the blusher outwards, towards your ear.
Mistakes to avoid
  • Do not apply blush too close to the nose. To avoid doing so, imagine a vertical line cutting through the centre of your eye and do not apply blush beyond this point.
  • Do not sweep the brush back and forth and always dab it on the back of your hand to remove any excess blush before application. This will avoid you looking "doll-like".
  • Only use the "Sculpting" shades to shape the face. Only apply rosy shades to your cheekbones.
  • Do not get mixed up between your blush and your bronzer. Never apply your "Glowing" blush to your nose, chin or forehead.


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