02.11 . Art, beauty and jewels: a tale of passion
Jewel-mascara, pearl-shaped cases, a golden signature… The Helena Rubinstein brand identity is heavily influenced by the world of jewellery. Behind this image hides the true tale of the passion that Helena Rubinstein felt for precious stones. 


An inherited love for pearls
"My love for jewels began when my grandmother gave me a pearl necklace", wrote Helena Rubinstein. This fascination with her little necklace would never leave her. Tales of divers delving into mountains of oysters in the depths of the ocean, in search of a single small pearl that her grandmother told her would stay with her for the rest of her life. When, thanks to her genius and her determination, she created her brand in Melbourne, she began her career as a collector.
A clear connection between jewels and beauty
For Helena Rubinstein, who dedicated her life to beautifying women, the connection between jewels and beauty was obvious. For her, jewels were an excellent way to highlight the beauty as much as the personality of a woman. She stated that a multi-strand pearl necklace lights up the waxiest of complexions, while earrings, when the right size and colour, illuminate the eyes and give the face character.
Cases directly inspired by jewels
Fascinated not only by jewellery but also by art, as a collector and a connoisseur, Helena Rubinstein was inspired by her own jewels to design cases as true works of art. For more than a century, the brand has remained faithful to its heritage by offering true cosmetic jewels. Encapsulated in rounded, faintly glowing jars, they embody the perfection of Helena Rubinstein's first love, the pearl.
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