02.14 . Two looks, just one lipstick!
Since it is not necessary to change your lipstick to change your look, take our professional advice and create two different styles with the same lipstick. 



For natural lips
Ideal for the day or with intense eye make-up, this technique lets you naturally breathe life into the colour of your lips for a subtle yet luscious mouth:
  • pucker your lips, dab them with the stick and smooth with your finger, not forgetting the corners
  • finish off with a very light touch of shine using Wanted Gloss, applied to the centre of the lower lip
For sophisticated lips
Reserved for evening make-up or if you want to draw attention to your lips with bare eyes, this technique lets you create a femme fatale glamorous look:
  • using the Lip Pencil, trace the edges of your mouth and shade in the middle
  • using a brush, apply Wanted Rouge to your lips as a solid colour, staying within the area marked out by the pencil



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