02.20 . At 40 it is time for a specific anti-age routine

 As you approach 40, certain factors (a drop in hormone production, slowing down of the metabolism, and a drop in collagen production) speed up the skin aging process. The result is the appearance of bags and dark shadows under the eyes, more pronounced wrinkles, and skin that becomes thinner and loses its elasticity.
To preserve the youthfulness of your skin and prevent the onset of the signs of aging, it is essential to follow a specific and complete routine to stimulate the production of collagen, accelerate cellular regeneration, tone up your skin, minimize wrinkles, give your skin a smooth and even appearance, and generally brighten your complexion. A day moisturizer alone is no longer enough, it is imperative to also apply a night cream and a serum. Serums are a key ally in your anti-age routine because they contain a high concentration of active ingredients which optimize their benefits. It is equally important to use specific care products for the delicate skin around the eyes and the lips, which are the most fragile zones of the face. Last but not least, your make-up remover, which is an obligatory part of your daily beauty routine, must clean your skin perfectly but very gently, and also contain anti-age properties.



Your beauty ritual to effectively counter the signs of aging before they set in
> Use a serum, as well as your day moisturizer and night cream
Minimizes wrinkles and boost the skin’s elasticity: Re-Plasty Pro Filler serum.
Give the skin a healthy glow and an even tone: Life Pearl Cellular Essence serum.
Combat the 5 signs of aging right down to the deep dermal layer:Prodigy day cream.
Regenerate the skin and help it to repair itself: the new Prodigy Night night cream.
> Take special care of the most fragile zones
Treat the entire eye area:Prodigy Eye Zone Serum.
Prevent dark shadows, bags and wrinkles:Prodigy Extreme Eye & Lip.
> Rid your skin of its impurities
Remove make-up and preserve the skin’s youthfulness: Prodigy Make Up Remover.
Purify the skin deep-down without harshness: Prodigy Cleanser.

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