02.27 . The winter-protect routine for radiant skin
In winter, the nights are longer, the lack of light takes its toll, and our complexions look dull and listless. These conditions sorely test our skin which can react very badly to the cold and the changes of temperature. Here are some essential tips to keep your skin looking radiant.


You can pass on make-up but not on your day moisturizer
The protective barrier created by a moisturizer helps to seal in the skin’s moisture. To maximize the benefits of your moisturizing cream, apply it before a serum, morning and evening. Serums are real ‘benefit boosters’. Thanks to an extremely concentrated formula full of active ingredients and ultra-fluid texture, they penetrate deep into your skin bringing a targeted response to its needs. During the night, they reinforce cellular repair. Remember to also apply the serum on your neck and décolleté.
Massage your skin
Exfoliation is not the only way to give your skin a boost. There is nothing like removing your make-up with an oil-based product to dissolve the last traces of make-up and impurities and remove dead skin. Use circular massaging movements as you remove your make-up with an oil-based product to stimulate micro-circulation for a bright and healthy complexion.


Add a splash of colour to your plate
Vitamin C is famed for its anti-oxidant properties and is essential in the production of collagen which helps to keep your skin soft and fresh. Oranges, guavas, kiwis and red peppers are excellent sources of vitamin C, as well as being delicious, so don’t hold back!
Remember the important foods
Your skin needs good nourishment. Don’t forget to include the essential fatty acids in your diet: oily fish (salmon, herring), raw vegetable oils (olive oil, rapeseed oil, etc.) and dried fruits (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts). They prevent nutritional shortages which accelerate the drying out of the skin and the loss of elasticity.
Moisturize from the inside
In winter, we feel less thirsty so we drink less, and eat fewer foods with high water content such as fruit. Yet water is essential to our body’s well-being. To mention just one of its many virtues, it helps to eliminate waste and toxins which dull the complexion. Therefore it is important to drink enough and regularly: 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, at least.
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