03.01 . The winter-protect routine to soothe your skin
The surface of your skin is protected by a fine layer of lipidic matter. This layer, mainly made up of sebum, prevents the water contained in the epidermis from evaporating. When the skin is subjected to external aggressions such as cold weather, this protective barrier is altered and the skin becomes dry. Moisturizing care products are essential to preserve and repair this protective layer.



The golden rule is to wash your hands often and well
Throughout the day, your hands are in contact with a multitude of objects and become contaminated by dust and germs. You only have to rub your eyes, touch your cheek or rest your chin in your hands to transfer these germs onto your face. So, to avoid ending up with red or irritated skin, it is important to wash your hands very regularly.
The benefits of a good night’s sleep
At night, your skin enters into an extremely active phase, ridding itself of toxins and repairing and regenerating itself. Sleep is essential for keeping your skin young. But nature alone is not enough, your skin also needs an exceptional night cream to protect the telomeres, the guardian cells of youth which protect the DNA during cellular replication. The solution is the new Prodigy Night, the first night cream designed to maximize your skin’s youth potential, night after night.
Face masks to boost radiance and hydration
A face mask envelops your skin in beneficial active ingredients that improve your skin’s oxygenation and give it natural radiance. For an intense moisturizing effect, like thousands of ‘micro-implants’ of moisture, choose the Hydra Collagenist mask. And for an instant and spectacular regenerative effect, the solution is the Prodigy Re-Plasty HD Peel.
Change your moisturizer according to the season
When the cold sets in, your skin changes and so do its needs. It is important to adapt your moisturizer to the season. In winter, choose a powerful moisturizer with a rich and deeply penetrating texture. If your skin is subject to redness, choose the repairing cream Skin life SOS Hydra Repair which reactivates the skin’s microcirculation.
Look after your lips
The skin of your lips is extremely exposed and very fragile, and therefore needs special attention. The lipidic structure is very fine, which means that it is very vulnerable to cold. The result is chapped and cracked lips and other problems. The only solution is to pamper your lips without moderation using hydrating and replenishing lip balms like the superb Collagenist Lip Zoom.

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