03.06 . For spotless skin: treatment

How to prevent the appearance of brown spots
The first type of prevention is the application of a sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of UV radiation. However, sunscreen should not be used just for sunbathing in summer. Sun protection should be used systematically for all outdoor activities in every season. Indeed, even though a layer of clouds can give the impression of a weaker sun, it won't filter out harmful UV rays.
How to treat pigmentation problems
The two most widely used methods are laser and Intense Pulsating Light (IPL). These are very specific light sources emitting a wavelength in a single direction in a small, very intense light spot. The light is absorbed in target cells, where it acts on vascular or pigment cells or stimulates the synthesis of collagen, without affecting the surrounding tissues.  Laser and IPL differ in that laser has a single wavelength, i.e., a single colour light, whereas IPL releases a number of light wavelengths, all white.
At Laclinic Montreux, a prestigious aesthetic clinic on the cutting edge of anti-ageing innovations partner of Helena Rubinstein Laboratories, the laser session offered is a technique that diffuses 3 wavelengths of pulsated light to target the 3 signs of chromatic ageing. The complexion discovers its radiance and uniformity.
What are the alternatives to invasive methods?
Depigmenting products offer an alternative or a complement to Laser or IPL treatments. Helena Rubinstein Laboratories, on the cutting edge of research, offer an entire range of solutions targeting chromatic ageing.
  • Against redness

Re-Plasty Age Recovery night cream, a product of the collaboration of Helena Rubinstein Laboratories and Dr Pfulg, founder of Laclinic-Montreux, accelerates skin regeneration to correct skin damage.

  • Against irregular complexion
The line Re-Plasty High Definition Peel reproduces the peeling technology used at Laclinic-Montreux by combining 3 powerful active substances to obtain 3 combined actions: Peeling - Correction – Protection.
  • Against brown spots
The line Re-Plasty Laserist, an intense clarifying anti-spot concentrate and a spot corrector inspired by the Laser sessions offered at Laclinic-Montreux.


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