03.11 . Helena Rubinstein, the Woman Who Invented Beauty, by Michèle Fitoussi Launch in Great Britain

Just as Helena Rubinstein conquered the world, her biography, brilliantly fictionalised by Michèle Fitoussi, never stops attracting readers in different countries. This best-seller, published in France (Grasset), Poland, Russia and Australia, will be released in Great Britain by Gallic Books on 11 March 2013 with a previously unpublished photo of the Lady herself on the cover. The occasion to discover or rediscover an extraordinary destiny with, in the background, the history of women's conquests in the 20th century. In Great Britain, the craze is on for the story of the "most powerful myth of the industry". Michèle Fitoussi has recently been the guest of Woman’s Hour, a major BBC programme. To listen to the interview, click here


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