03.21 . 25 external aggressions compromise your skin's health every day!
When she proposed a treatment for the prematurely damaged skin of Australians, the young Helena Rubinstein began conquering the world.  Today, the effects of the environment on the skin are more relevant than ever. Exposure to the sun, pollution, stress, lack of sleep... every day the skin is severely tested by lifestyles at times reckless. 
25 daily aggressions...
Whether at work, at home or outdoors, the skin has no respite. Stress, fatigue, heating, air conditioning, electronic equipment, pollution, UV radiation, cleaning products... no less than 25 daily free radical aggressors have been reported. These are all elements activating oxidative stress, the agent mainly responsible for premature skin ageing.
… a unique response
To preserve the skin's youth and beauty, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have demonstrated the anti-oxidant properties of marine samphire stem cells, the leading ingredient in the Prodigy Powercell line. The effectiveness of Prodigy Powercell serum against free radical aggressions has been demonstrated with a study conducted in Shanghai, one of the world's most polluted cities.
Women convinced all over the world, and you?
After 28 days of testing on 89 women aged 30 to 50, who participated in the study, 100% stated that their skin was more radiant. 97.8% of them noticed a smoother skin and 96.6% felt their skin better protected. The results of Prodigy Powercell serum are even more impressing as they have been confirmed by dermatologists.

 25 aggressions compromise our skin every day
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