03.26 . Your Powercell beauty ritual for protected skin

Every day, our skin faces countless aggressions. Adopt the Prodigy Powercell ritual for healthy skin.


A visibly rejuvenated look

Apply a dose of  Prodigy Powercell Eye Contour with the nozzle. Distribute product gently with your fingertips on the area above and below the eye, from the inner toward the outer area. Avoid applying on lashes; the product is absorbed by capillarity. For a smoothing effect, apply from the outer to the inner area of the eye, against the direction of the lines.


A skin radiant with youth

Apply a dose of  Prodigy Powercell Serum on the entire face. Massage thoroughly with the palms of your hands smoothing the skin of your chin toward the temples.

Take a small amount of  Prodigy Powercell Day Cream with the spatula and distribute it on the entire face. Distribute it with light and quick strokes (effleurage). For a lifting effect, smooth with the entire surface of one hand, then with the other, from the jaw to the cheekbone. End by smoothing over your neck.


A fresh and radiant complexion

Take a few drops of  Prodigy Powercell Foundation with the pipette after shaking bottle thoroughly. Apply product on your forehead, chin and cheeks and smooth with your hand from the forehead to the chin, from the median facial area to the exterior. End with light and quick strokes (effleurage) to melt foundation into your skin.

Your 100% Powercell beauty ritual for radiant skin and a luminous complexion




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