04.22 . Myths and facts about collagen


Collagen is essential for the youthfulness and beauty of the skin, but it is sometimes associated with deep-rooted preconceptions. How can we sort out fact from fiction? We reveal all!


Two myths…

Myth no.1: Adding collagen to the skin enables it to create more collagen.
Why is it a myth? Because the only way to increase the level of collagen in the skin is to stimulate its production via active ingredients, vitamins, etc.
Myth no.2: Collagen is more efficient when it is taken orally.
Why is it a myth? Because no real proof has been found that taking collagen orally is efficient.
… Vs. Three facts
Truth no.1: Collagen is an excellent source of moisture replenishment which, as a bonus, doesn’t make the skin oily.
Truth no.2: Collagen is the protein that is found in the greatest quantities in the human body. It ensures the solidity of the dermis.
Truth no.3: Young skin is made up of 90% collagen, this level decreases by 6% every 10 years.

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