04.25 . Three minutes and tone your skin!
Every 10 years, on average, the skin loses 3% of its elasticity and the dermis loses 6% of its thickness. For smooth, fuller skin, the experts at the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories are introducing the innovative Collagenist Re-Plump, a range of treatments that plump up the skin and restore energy and springiness. For optimal effectiveness, follow our three-minute beauty routine!


One minute for: a massage to re-plump and smooth the face
  • Spread a small quantity of cream on your fingers. Using the full length of your fingers, press two or three times on your nasolabial folds, the hollows of your cheeks and your temples.
  • Use your palms to pull the cream from the centre of the face and neck toward the outer edges to smooth the skin.
  • Place your hands along your jaw on either side of the chin. Make hooks with your index and middle fingers. Rotate your wrists and with the backs of your fingers, press hard to form wrinkles, then release. Repeat this movement all along the nasolabial folds, working up to the nose. Place your hands perpendicular to your nose and repeat the same movement under your cheekbones toward the outside of the face. Join your thumb, index finger and middle finger; use the pads of these fingers to repeat the same movement along the temples and forehead twice.
Two minutes for: eye contour
  • Draining, stimulating massage
Place a small dollop of Collagenist Re-Plump Eye Zoom on the pad of your index and middle fingers. Slide your fingers over the closed eyelid with light, circular movements, working from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Take a small amount of product and repeat these same movements twice on the lower lid.
  • Redensifying, plumping massage
Place the pads of your index and middle fingers under the base of your eyebrow. Press very gently into the fleshy part to create a fold between your fingers. Repeat twice along the entire closed eyelid up to the outer corner of the eye. Perform this same massage on the lower lid twice.

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