04.26 . Three minutes your lips!
collagenist with pro-xfill LIP ZOOM becomes collagenist re-plump lip zoom. a new look but a magic formula as effective as ever. for re-plumped lips, it only takes 3 minutes !


1 min 30 :
  • Massage to resculpt the lips
With the pads of your index and middle fingers, firmly smooth the skin above the upper lip from the centre to the corners, as if to erase the wrinkles. Repeat this movement under the lower lip and finish by stimulating the corners with toning upward sweeps. Perform this massage twice.
1 min 30 :
  • Plumping anti-wrinkle massage
Use both hands to pinch small amounts of skin between your thumb and middle finger around the mouth contour, perpendicular to wrinkles. Perform the massage twice on the upper lip and twice under the lower lip.


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