05.22 . Golden Beauty: Helena Rubinstein’s legendary suncare range

Do we really have to give up lounging in the sun altogether to keep our skin looking young? Helena Rubinstein says no! To protect your skin from photo-aging while taking advantage of the benefits of the sun, adopt the Golden Beauty reflex. Helena Rubinstein’s legendary suncare range is your essential ally for beautiful golden skin that retains its youthfulness.


Sun protection

The patented filtering system Mexoryl® SX and XL is photo-stable and combines UVA and UVB filters for ultra-efficient, broad-spectrum sun protection.

Anti-age protection

Thanks to the thermo-active algae extract, whose protective properties increase as the temperature rises, the Golden Beauty products offer protection from free radicals coupled with a restructuring action.

The soya extract stimulates collagen synthesis, boosts the construction of the dermic layer, and keeps the skin in tip-top condition.

Finally, your skin is softened and moisturized by the sap of the Baobab, an African tree that can live for up to 6000 years, ensuring a regular and lasting tan.


Skin that is protected, moisturized and glowing with a healthy and beautiful tan, all summer long!

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