06.10 . Helena Rubinstein's must-haves for a radiant summer

A look as radiant as the summer sun? Discover the essentials from the Helena Rubinstein summer collection!

for your skin

Combine tanning with anti-ageing. Deliciously golden skin? Yes! Premature wrinkles? Never! To do this, remember two key concepts: protection and repair.

for your complexion

Focus on the radiance of bare skin by reducing make-up to a minimum. Subtly soften imperfections for a glowy-healthy effect that accentuates a tan and makes us shine. 

for your lips

Smooth, curvy, plump... lips are naturally rich and enticing for a fresh, radiant smile that rejuvenates the entire face.

for your eyes


This demure bare look is spiced up with a touch of sophistication in the form of pumped-up lashes. Volume, curve, length... the eyes should be bewitching. 

Our selection : Lash Queen Mascara Waterproof

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