06.24 . 3 minutes for... intensely moisturized skin
Young skin is skin that is moisturized from the inside. To preserve the youth and beauty of your skin, the Helena Rubinstein laboratories have developed Hydra Collagenist a range of treatments enriched in Derm-Hydrafix complex and in collagen microspheres to "implant" water at the skin's core and make it visibly younger. Intensely moisturize your skin in just 3 minutes with Hydra Collagenist!
2 minutes For THe FaCe

Take a dose of serum and spread it over the entire face on perfectly cleansed skin. Smooth from the inside to the outer edges of the face, then from the chin to the temples, with the palms of your hands.

Then take some cream using the spatula. Apply to the entire face and spread with light strokes from the inside to the outer edges of the face. Smooth with the surface of the hand from jawbone to cheekbones.

1 minute For THe EYE contour 
Apply a dollop of treatment to the entire eye contour, taking care not to go too near the lash line. Use your ring finger to spread the product over the arch and the area under the eye. Form a "V" with your index and middle fingers so you can simultaneously work the arch and the area under the eye and smooth from the inner eye outward. Finally, smooth from the outer eye inward. 

Our selection : Hydra Collagenist Contour Des Yeux

Tip: To give your skin a lasting water boost, apply  Hydra Collagenist Masque once a week.
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