07.16 . 3 minutes to... touch up your make-up

Do you need to touch up your make-up, but don’t have time to start from scratch?  Follow these tips which will leave you fresh-faced in just 3 minutes!


1 minute for your complexion

The secret is to never reapply powder without first using a tissue or blotting paper to absorb any excess sebum.  Once you have done this, apply a pressed powder.  Pressed powder is always used to touch up make-up, never after applying foundation when you first apply your make-up.  For a healthy glow, add a hint of blusher to your cheekbones after the powder.  Finally, if you applied under-eye concealer in the morning, simply smooth any residue that may have gathered in the little wrinkles around your eyes.



1 minute for your eyes

Start by adding a few saline drops to your eyes to brighten them up.  Use a cotton bud dipped in lotion to clean the inner corner of the eye.  Never use a dry cotton bud as this could leave cotton filaments in the eye. Remove mascara deposits from under the eyes by gently rubbing with a clean brush. If your eyeliner has run under the eyes, rub it gently to smooth it out.  Finally, for your eyeshadow, blend any residue which has built up in the folds of the eyelid using small sweeping movements, and then reapply a little eyeshadow if necessary.

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1 minute for your lips

Remove any remaining make-up from your lips.  Apply a nourishing balm, blend and then reapply lip make-up.


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