07.24 . Our tips for young skin

The skin is altered not only by chronological ageing but also by numerous external attacks such as UV rays and stress.  To preserve its youthfulness and beauty, a meticulous beauty routine is essential.


Your daytime beauty routine

Use Prodigy Powercell Serum as a base to prepare the skin. It makes your day cream more effective due to its highly concentrated formula.
Use Prodigy Powercell Cream with plant stem cells from sea fennel to protect, repair and regenerate the skin. Emblica extract and vitamin E have strong anti-oxidant properties while LHA smoothes the skin.
Use Prodigy Powercell Eye Care from the Powercell range to protect, repair and regenerate the eye area and for its anti-oxidant properties. It contains caffeine and escine which due to their draining and decongestant properties help to reduce under-eye puffiness.
Use Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom with Pro-Xylanes and collagen microspheres to instantly re-plump the lips by creating a healthy, well-rounded, toned cushion of skin and redefining the curve of full lips.
Use Golden Beauty Defense Face SPF 15 with Mexoryl® SX and XL for broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Your night-time beauty routine

Use Prodigy Powercell Night Shot a restorative night-time serum, highly concentrated in plant stem cells, in order to accelerate skin recovery and improve skin quality.
Use Collagenist Re-Plum Night Cream to stimulate collagen production and preserve the body’s collagen capital, due to the association of Collagen Rest Complex and a replumping hyaluronate.
Use Collagenist Re-Plump Eye Zoom on the eye area. It combines Collagen Rest Complex with a replumping hyaluronate to restore the skin’s original firmness and smooth the skin around the eye.
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