07.31 . Daily free-radical attacks (part 1)

Every day our skin is subject to numerous attacks. Our environment, our lifestyle, hormonal changes… All of these factors compromise the youthfulness of our skin by exposing it to free-radical attacks. These “youth-killers” which lurk in the shadows pose a double-threat. They are the main source of free radicals and they damage the epidermal barrier, causing an inflammatory reaction which speeds up the ageing process.  What are these daily free radical attacks? We explain.


Lack of sleep

At night the body releases hormones that it needs to function properly, for example growth hormones. Sleep is therefore essential for the body’s regeneration, cell renewal, and efficient detoxification.  Lack of sleep has an immediate, visible effect on the skin and in the long term leads to loss of radiance, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles.



While a “positive” stress, which acts as a driving force, does exist, there is also a “negative” stress which has inhibitory effects. Our body has a stress capital just as it has a sun capital. When negative stress is too intense and repetitive this capital runs out.  This causes oxidative damage and impacts cutaneous immunity, as well as the body’s immunity in general. The skin reacts with an inflammatory response called inflamm’ageing, which speeds up the skin’s ageing process.

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