08.05 . Daily Free Radical Aggressions (Part 2)

Every day, our skin is subjected to numerous aggressions. Our environment, our lifestyle, hormonal changes… all of these factors compromise the youthfulness of our skin by exposing it to free radical aggressions. These “Youth Killers” lurking in the shadows pose a double threat. Not only are they the main source of free radicals, they also damage the epidermal barrier, causing an inflammatory reaction that speeds up the aging process. What are these daily free radical aggressions? Allow us to explain.




While daylight may be vital to us, it can also be harmful. UV rays, visible light and infra-red rays are all responsible for damaging cell DNA, slowing down cell regeneration and decomposing collagen. As a result, the skin loses its thickness and elasticity, becoming translucent while wrinkles and pigmentation disorders begin to appear. Some of this radiation, such as UVB, is so powerful that it can cause sun spots and wrinkles to appear even on a cloudy day, without tanning.


Waves from electrical appliances

From computers to tablets and smartphones, they have all become essential in our everyday lives and we spend many hours on them each day. However, new research has made it possible to establish a connection between electromagnetic fields, visible and ultraviolet light and the radio waves that these devices emit. It has been clinically proven that prolonged exposure to such waves produces free radicals, in turn causing oxidative stress.



A simple task, but one for which we are far from limiting the impact on our skin. Indeed, prolonged exposure to the hot air produced by a hair-dryer causes skin temperature to increase. It then loses its ability to retain water, losing moisture and becoming dull.

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