08.12 . Daily Free Radical Aggressions (Part 3)
Every day, our skin is subjected to numerous aggressions. Our environment, our lifestyle, hormonal changes… all of these factors compromise the youthfulness of our skin by exposing it to free-radical aggressions. These “Youth Killers” lurking in the shadows pose a double threat. Not only are they the main source of free radicals, they also damage the epidermal barrier, causing an inflammatory reaction that speeds up the aging process. What are these daily free radical aggressions? Allow us to explain.



Gradually, we get used to increasingly high levels of pollution. However, their harmful effect on skin has been consistently demonstrated. The toxicity of the pollution prompts a free radical aggression, causing skin to lose moisture and making it increasingly more reactive. It also slows down the ability of skin cells to regenerate naturally. Some pollutants have even been found responsible for pigmentation spots.


Infra-red rays
Infra-red rays are constantly present in the environment, twenty-four hours a day. Eight times more intense than UV rays, they amplify their harmful effects on the skin. They are thus responsible for accelerating the aging process, deactivating the DNA restoration process and producing a harmful thermal effect known as “inflammaging” – a combination of “inflammation” and “aging”.


Featuring among the main pollutants, ozone is extremely reactive and penetrating, as has been demonstrated by recent discoveries. Studies also reveal its harmfulness to the skin, reducing antioxidants and causing a chain of adverse effects on the cells in the lower layers of the skin.
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