08.28 . Helena Rubinstein and Science

From biology to chemistry and medicine, today more than ever, wide-ranging scientific disciplines are joining forces with a common goal – to defy ageing. Their quest for youthfulness is bound to the eternal pursuit of beauty.

A link between science and beauty even underlies the brand

This vision of cosmetics at the crossroads between the sciences has been the driving force behind the brand since its creation. From the beginning of the 20th century, Helena Rubinstein herself began travelling the world to meet the greatest scientists of her time. These efforts gave rise to exceptional partnerships that would enable the creation of the most avant-garde of cosmetic products.

Some of the leading names from the scientific community in the history of the brand

Introduced by Helena Rubinstein herself, meetings with the most prestigious experts of the time punctuate the history of the brand:

● Dr Emmie List (Vienna), who developed the chemical peel technique in 1905.

● Dr Eugene Hollander (Berlin), the first surgeon to perform a face lift in 1901.

● Dr Suzanne Noël (Paris), one of the first female plastic surgeons, who perfected her technique by treating the disfigured veterans of the First World War.

The HR Scientific Committee: a pioneering beauty laboratory

As this unique approach allowed the brand to continue pushing the boundaries of cosmetics even further, Helena Rubinstein now incorporates a Scientific Committee comprising long-standing partners including professors, surgeons, researchers and dermatologists. This exceptional committee is devoted to three primary goals:

1. Scientific monitoring, in order to identify trends and anticipate future research fields.

2. Development of avant-garde science products and unprecedented test protocols.

3. Communication via scientific publications and participation in prestigious congresses and press conferences.

 The HR Scientific Committee comprises the following members:



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