09.05 . The royal black pearl: a legend of beauty

Constantly at the forefront of research and innovation, the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories take their quest for perfection even further by drawing inspiration from nature's rarest and most beautiful jewel: the royal black pearl.

A legendary pearl, symbol of creative femininity

An inexhaustible source of inspiration, the royal black pearl has fuelled legends across the world. According to Persian mythology, pearls are the tears of the gods... and the royal black pearl is the most beautiful of all. Long considered to be an imperial symbol, it is also known as the "pearl of queens".

Unique in the world, this fabulous pearl is found in Tahiti only. The "Tahitian" is carefully harvested once a year: during the coldest period, when the oyster's metabolism is slowest and the concretion of nacre lowest. It takes four years to obtain a single black pearl. Its rarity and phenomenal beauty make it a source of inspiration for the beauty of the skin.

Layer after layer, give birth to the ultimate perfection: the orient

When it comes to assessing the beauty of a pearl, jewellers make their judgement based on its orient. This term denotes the secret which brings the royal black pearl to life: depth of colour, pure radiance, a satin surface and an iridescent sheen. Inspired by this exceptional orient, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories pulled together all of its anti-ageing expertise to offer skin this pearlescent radiance. By doing so, they designed Life Pearl Cellular Cream, a unique combination of detoxifying, smoothing and light-revealing active ingredients: a true jewel that revives the pearlescent "orient" of youthful skin.

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