09.13 . Post-summer pitfalls (part 1)

It's September: back to work. At this time of year, we seem to have built up inexhaustible reserves of energy over the holidays... which we would like to maintain throughout the entire year! Here follow a few tips for sustainable well-being.

 PRODIGY NIGHT, le soin conçu pour susprendre les effets du temps


Lack of sleep: the number one enemy of beauty

September is never a quiet month: people go back to work, activities are taken up again and there are many late nights out. This frenzy can affect our sleep, which is essential to our beauty. Cell divisions reach their peak at night, resulting in intense skin regeneration. Conversely, lack of sleep leads to the release of cortisol, a hormone involved in skin ageing.

Result: dark circles, bags, dull complexion, brittle nails and hair and the slackening of skin, which is reflected in the appearance of wrinkles.

Selection HR: Prodigy Night


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